Chief Executive Officer


Senior Specialist, Strategic Direction Healthcare And Management

Alexander Vladimirovich Ivlev has been hired to the company established by Artur Vladimirovich Nikitin in 2011 as a Senior Specialist, strategic direction Healthcare and Management; since April 4, 2012, he has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer by the resolution of the Board of Directors (promoters) of the company.

Doctor Alexander Vladimirovich Ivlev ( ИвлевАлександр Владимирович ) graduated from Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy (now known as South Ural State Medical University of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation) in 2006 with a degree in medical care. He received specialized training in surgery and oncology and finished his residency at the Department of Healthcare Organization and Public Health. (extended specialized education). He holds three degrees in higher education: medical, economic and managerial. He is a habilitated doctor in business economics. He held officer and top-management positions at various western companies such as GlaxoSmithKline (Great Britain), Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition (Netherlands), worked as a Deputy Head of the Chelyabinsk Economics Administration (Russia). He received some certificates of appreciation and awards for his scientific research and economic performances of companies he worked at. It was he, under whose direction hospital renovation has been done, CRM, HMIS and WiPRO adopted, new departments and branches established.

Chief Operating Officer



An able administrator, she has played a key role in managing the system successfully since its inception. With a post graduate in MBA (Hospital administration) and an entrepreneur course at IIM, she is a highly dedicated and quality conscious professional, always ambitious to accomplish the best without compromising the quality, service and safety.

Under her able leadership the unit which started with 3 beds has grown currently to around 30 beds, and has grown by leaps and bounds due to her immense efforts. She plays a vital role in the smooth and effective functioning of AMH. She is highly motivational and inspirational.

Her presence instils the confidence in all the personnel working with aayug to deliver their best needed for the efficient functioning of the hospital which goes a long way in achieving higher levels of patient’s satisfaction.

Medical Director



True to his vision, “AAYUG” had been conceived on human values. An outstanding Physician & Diabetologist with a rich background of more than twenty years of exposure and practice, he has been highly successful in creating prominence around the community for his devoted approach towards patients. His vast knowledge and experience helps in diagnosis and management during the course of successful treatment. AMH has been making tremendous progress under his brilliant guidance and leadership.

He is very well recognized for his accurate diagnosing skills, and relevant treatment having in mind the varied needs of each patient. His untiring efforts to succeed in realizing the vision and mission of “AAYUG” are always been in the forefront to reach to greater echelons in the industry.